As an English NFL fan, is college football worth watching?

Exploring the College Gridiron

Being a British NFL fan isn’t easy. Heck, explaining what NFL stands for is challenging enough! But being a stone's throw away from the action makes it even worse. As someone who hails from across the pond, I’ve always wondered whether college football could sate my thirst for watching pigskin get tossed around. This is my journey of exploring the college gridiron.

I turned to my better half, Sienna, and said, "Darling, it's time to delve into the American collegiate sports realm." With an excited gleam in her eyes that rivalled my own, we plunged into college football together.

The Energy and Intensity

One of the foremost aspects that draws me toward college football is the energy and intensity around each match. Sure, the NFL has its fair share of zeal, but the raw enthusiasm in college football is something else. These are young men full of passion, fighting for their shot at success and playing their hearts out in each game. Each touchdown, each interception, every single yard gained feels like a vital battle won in an all-out war. To put it simply, if the NFL is a well-cooked steak, college football is the sizzling barbecue where it's being cooked.

A Breeding Ground of Talent

As an English NFL fan who consistently wonders if tomorrow's superstar is playing today, college football is an absolute treat. This is the birthing room of some of the finest NFL talents. It's like the Hogwarts of American Football, where amidst the countless plays and nail-biting finishes, bright young talents learn the art and eventually become masters in the NFL.

Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, just to name a few, were all stars on the college gridiron before they became NFL legends. So, you may just be witnessing the emergence of the next Hall of Famer in that Saturday evening college match! How thrilling is that?

Traditions and Rivalries

Oh, the rivalries! If you thought the Patriots and the Jets have a history, wait till you dive into college football. Some of these rivalries have histories that go back over a century. I stumbled upon the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry and was riveted. These rivalries are passed down generations, woven into the fabric of American society. The energy, the anticipation, the pure animosity is an unparalleled spectacle to witness.

A Glimpse Into American Culture

For a pair of Brits like Sienna and I, college football offered a fascinating insight into the American culture like nothing else. We absolutely love the experience. The marching bands, the cheerleaders (Sienna especially found them fascinating), the mascots, the tailgating – everything screams of a cultural feast we simply couldn’t resist. If you're a fan of the sport from outside the US, college football doubles up as a gateway into American culture.

College Football vs NFL

Now, here comes the big question - how does college football stack up against the NFL? To be honest, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Both have their unique flavors.

The NFL undoubtedly exhibits superior quality of play – these are experienced professionals who are the cream of the crop. But college football, with its raw passion, distinct cultural element and its unpredictability, holds its own merit.

So, is college football worth watching? Absolutely! It's a refreshing take on a familiar sport that offers a unique experience. The spirit, the vibe, it's absolutely exhilarating. So, fellow English NFL fans, I urge you to give college football a try. Sienna and I did, and we are loving the roller-coaster ride. You never know, you might just pick your new favourite team from the collegiate ranks. For us, it was an unexpected trip down an exciting path. And you know what they say, “the road less traveled...”

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